DIY Christmas Stockings

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….!  That song has been playing in my head for the last week or so as I’ve been decorating the house for the holidays.  The tree is decorated, *most* of the presents are wrapped, and the stockings are hung! 

These personalized stockings are a great DIY sewing project for beginners — I actually ended up hand sewing these because my sewing machine wasn’t working at the time.   So you don’t even anything except fabric, a needle, and thread for this project!

 Combining inexpensive fabrics such as burlap, linen, and ticking can produce a look that is surprisingly classy and elegant!  I stuck with a neutral color palette to allow the gold and sparkly accents to stand out. 

Each stocking is personalized with a different “flower” accented with a pin to describe whose stocking it is.  An EGA for my husband, a dog for our furry family member, Harley, and a feminine rhinestone flower for yours truly.  To  make the flowers, cut a piece of the fabric of your choice (satin or satin-like material works best) into a circle, then use a lighter to gently burn the edges until they curl up.  So simple!  Attach the flower to to the stocking with the pin so they are interchangable.

Here’s a pattern for the stockings.  You can download a PDF version here.  Enlarge it on a copier 220% to make it the correct size.

You could line the stocking and have the lining fabric hang over the top to create the cuff, but that was a more skilled move than I was ready to tackle.  I made a “faux” cuff by adding a piece to the top (see the pattern above).  I sewed on a thin strip of contrasting fabric to trim and finish the edges of the cuff.

Now it’s time to find some goodies to fill those stockings!  Happy holidays!